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We no longer recommend the Ultimate Detailing Machine to our customers. Please look at the NEW improved Griot's Dual Action Polisher as an alternative.


Ultimate Detailing Machine by Porter Cable Car Polisher

Item: Ultimate Detailing Machine Polisher
Quantity: 1 Polisher
Price: $124.99

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Ultimate Detailing Machine by Porter Cable Car Polisher


The Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter Cable Car Polisher has the same great features as the original Ultimate Detailing Machine by Porter Cable but offers a more powerful 4.5 amp motor for enhanced performance, improved ergonomics for comfort and control, an improved switch design for greater durability and as well as a new three year warranty.*
Ultimate Detailing Machine Porter Cable 7424XP
Using the Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter Cable Car Polisher is the safe and easy way to achieve, protect and maintain that sought after deep, wet looking show car shine!

Working by hand just can’t produce the brilliant shine you can achieve by machine but many are afraid to take the step up as they fear the machine will do more harm than good. Set your mind at ease! There are no worries when it comes to the Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter Cable damaging your paint, even if you have never used a car polisher before! This machine offers variable speeds and a random orbit dual action for safe, swirl free polishing.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter Cable Polisher with the correct pad and polish, is capable of removing random isolated scratches, swirl, oxidation, water spots, acid rain etching and bird dropping damage as well as other unfortunate paint defects that stand in the way of that brilliant shine.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter Cable Polisher is also a great maintenance tool for your gloss enhancement polishing, pre-wax cleaning and applying thin, even coats of your favorite car wax, paint sealant or protectant.

  • Random orbit action for safe, swirl-free polishing
  • Two-position (left or right) removable side handle for greater comfort and control
  • Variable speed control dial for safe and efficient polishing
  • Safely removes paint defects including scratches, swirl, oxidation, etching and MORE!
  • Applies your car wax, paint protectant and sealants thin and even
  • Three Year Warranty, including Exclusive One Year Ultimate Detailing Machine Zero Cost Replacement Warranty!*
Proper machine polishing is as easy as following this simple pattern and concentrating your work in a 2' by 2' section at a time. Master this and you are on your way to a brilliant shine!

How Does the Ultimate Detailing Machine Work?

The Ultimate Detailing Machine operates by orbiting the polishing pad around a center spindle while the pad freely spins on its own axis. A counterweight on the opposite side of the center spindle dampens vibration for smooth operation.

The tool head action, often called orbital, prevents the creation of holograms (symmetrical buffing marks), paint burns and other forms of paint damage often associated with high-speed buffing machines. When used with proper care, the Ultimate Detailing Machine’s design virtually eliminates the possibility of paint damage.

The polishing action of the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 closely mimics that of circular hand polishing. Imagine being able to make 2,500 to 6,000 tight hand circles in a single minute and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the Ultimate Detailing Machine Model 1000 does its job. It works just like your hand, only at super-human speed! To put the beauty of this machine into complete perspective, it works 100 times faster than a super buff athlete, but it never gets tired!

The Ultimate Detailing Machine by Porter Cable comes complete with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.  The best in the industry!

 Polisher Feature  Specification
Power 120 VAC, 50-60 HZ/120 VDC
Motor 110 volt, 4.5 amp
No Load Speed Electronic variable speed 2,500-6,800 rpm
Spindle Thread Accepts 5/16 - 24
Weight 5.5 LBS
Backing Plate 4.75" diameter, flexible, with hook & loop (Velcro) backing
Construction 100 percent ball and roller bearing construction



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